Bebe Cool Calls For More TB Awareness At The Ongoing TB Symposium In Kigali

Since his appointment in September last year, it looks like musician Bebe Cool is well positioned in his role as the UN ambassador for Tuberculosis because during the ongoing TB summit in Kigali, Rwanda, he called for more awareness about the killer disease.

While speaking to the delegates from different countries as a panelist in two United Nations High level meetings at the TB Symposium, Bebe Cool said that more awareness is key if TB is to be wiped out completely by the end of 2030.

“Let the funders and experts devise possible measures of creating more awareness if Africa and World want to End TB by 2030. We reach down to the people and let them know that TB is a killer and needs to be tackled immediately,” he said earlier in the day.

On the panel of five included Executive Director Stop TB partnership Ms. Lucica Ditiu, Ms.Marijke Wijnroks of Global Fund, Mr. Rogero Cumbane a TB survivor and Brain Flo an artist and TB Ambassador from Zambia.

Bebe flew to Kigali over the weekend and interacted with over 400 youth from 25 countries all over Africa yesterday at the launch of the Youth for Universal Health Coverage Conference at the Kigali Convention Centre

Bebe Cool interacting with some of the delegates

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