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Bebe Cool Calls For The End Of Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

Bebe Cool calls for end of xenophobia in South Africa.

With many people left in shock after South African attacked their fellow Africans in a bid to push them out of the country, several celebrities like Bebe Cool have called for an end of the merciless killing because we are one of.

According to our sources close to the singer, the Love You Everyday singer was disappointed in South Africans as they have turned away from what their great leader
Nelson Mandela preached, there should be love amongst Africans because violence, whether amongst blacks or against the whites, it’s never the answer.

To further echo his own words, Bebe Cool said ‘ ‪#‎saynotoxenophobia‬ SHOCKINGLY even when i met the great man NELSON MANDELA at his 90TH birthday in London,he was still making friends for THE GREAT NATION OF SOUTH AFRICA AND AFRICA AS A WHOLE. Barely 3 years after his death,some few illiterate people r making enemies for SOUTH AFRICA.’

Bebe Cool with Nelson Mandela a few years before he passed away

Bebe Cool with Nelson Mandela a few years before he passed away

He concluded by calling on African countries as a whole to act as ‘MANDELA would have acted if he was alive and not SOUTH AFRICAN,PLIZ don’t attack SOUTH AFRICANS in your COUNTRIES,Don’t burn their cars or even close their businesses coz u will be no different from them.LET US SHOW THEM THE LOVE and let’s share with them what they can’t share with us and in that way they will learn what we want them to learn.’

It’s these words of encouragement that make Bebe Cool, one of the best artistes in Uganda.

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