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Bebe Cool Endorses New Trace Music Channel As ‘The Engine For East African Music’

Gagamel star Bebe Cool recently came out and endorsed channel #323 Trace Mziki which will be a platform for East African music. In a message he shared with his fans, the ‘Love you Everyday’ singer said;

‘Been doing music for the last 25 years based in Uganda and I witness so many come and go,so much good and bad but mainly I have witnessed the input of the East Africans to see that our music industry becomes competitive and is recognised worldwide.’

‘For that to happen,so many studios,TV stations,radio stations,promotion companies,management companies have been introduced to East Africa and the music industry moved but it lucked something or what I would call an ENGINE.’

Bebe Cool calls new trace channel the engine for East African music

Bebe Cool calls new trace channel the engine for East African music

With Trace and MTV base mostly playing Nigerian music due to the high population of about 173 million people who are always demanding for more airplay for their music, East African artists were getting very little airplay and the creation of this channel would further help them reach a bigger population than they initially did.

‘Now the East African music can compete fairly in Africa. So I call upon all musicians in East Africa to embrace this engine for our music to even move more,‘ Bebe cool added.

Fun Factory’s Bugingo Hannington called the creation of the channel as a great innovation because he was tired of being only fed by Nigerian music on Trace.

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