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Bebe Cool Compares Himself To President Museveni

He has heavily been criticized for speaking his mind about the President of Uganda and rumor has it that he was the most paid among the artistes that participated in the just concluded NRM presidential campaigns but it wasn’t until a few days back that we got to know the reason why Bebe Cool is a die-hard fan of President Museveni.

It emerged that Bebe Cool has started to draw comparisons between himself and the incumbent president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Going by the statement he released a few days ago on social media, the ‘Anything for love’ artiste said that the tactics the President used  during the last Presidential debate that happened a few days ago are related to what he uses to stay on top of the music industry.

Ugandan artistes pose with the president

Bebe Cool(4th L) and other Ugandan artistes pose with the president during Tubonga Nawe launch

More artistes pledge allegiance to Museveni

Bebe Cool stands next to the president as more artistes pledge allegiance to the incumbent

“One main reason why Museveni had to beat other candidates all is they all forgot to utilize their time to their advantage. Instead they all wanted to shoot at him hence giving him more time to elaborate, convince and win the nation. I use that game in music most of the time where most people spend a lot of their time talking negative about me. I don’t talk back about them, but I also talk more positive about myself so that means I am always the topic which always gives me an advantage.” He said.

The artiste also threw some praises at the president saying. “I think my fellow Ugandans can now agree with me and join me to finally fully support M7 in this coming election. The opposition now claims the topic of the debate was in Museveni’s Favour, for sure I know as a citizen of Uganda that our president is a brilliant man with a vision.”

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