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Bebe Cool Cries For God’s Help In ‘Taata’

Bebe Cool has officially added a new track to his array of recent works like ‘African Girl’ and ‘Ki Ekigannye’. In ‘Taata’, the new song, Big Size is crying out loud to God and telling him all the current problems him and the entire community are going through.

Produced by Pinan of Monster studios,He  begins the song with an intro in Jamaican Patois saying,

‘Father help I father mi want to leave a better way, father protect I father mi want to leave another year’. He then starts the first verse crying out loud to God saying that in the latter’s absence, electricity and rent bills have been too high. He adds saying that the tax rates and school fees make them cry.

Bebe Cool1

Bebe Cool

He further sings that he works too hard for the money although sometimes his landlord complains a lot because his wife has many kids. He complains that people fuss over the little money he has and adds that he failed to get ways of producing money but if he had a way, he would marry up to 80 women, have children with them and take care of the children.

He also sings how he wants to change his work place and his relatives but life is getting harder although he really wants to have a big change in his life. He adds that those who look for money are very many but those who get it are few and mean on it.

Some of the art work off Bebe Cool's Go Mama album

Have you listened to Bebe Cool’s ‘Taata’ song

He concludes the song crying to God that if he doesn’t give people like him money, their women will be taken and they are despised in the entertainment industry from which they get their money.

We shall be shooting the video for this song in three weeks time, we first waited for Ki Ekiganye video to first circulate and then we release it.” Bebe Cool’s manager Richard Kleberson told Chano8

You can listen to ‘Taata’ by Bebe Cool below

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