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Bebe Cool Defends Juliana Kanyomozi After She Was Criticized By Fans

Gagamel boss Bebe Cool recently came out to defend Juliana Kanyomozi who has received a lot of criticism after she showed her support for President Museveni.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8 Bebe Cool said,

‘I think those attacking Juliana are innocent people and they practicing their democracy which is freedom of expression. But they also forgetting that she’s also protecting her democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of choice or writing. When she chooses to work with the president it’s her freedom.’

He further goes on to say that the freedom of you to choose the opposition is your right but don’t forget it’s also her right to express her opinion on her platform. She’s just another Ugandan who wakes up every morning with a right to vote.

Bebe Cool not amused with those criticizing Juliana

Bebe Cool not amused with those criticizing Juliana

‘When you say she’s miss leading her fans, No some of them are NRM, DP, UPC. So it’s her right for her to write something on her wall. What bothers me is most of these guys commenting on her wall know about to villages. Where they were born and Kampala. But Juliana is a woman who has travelled this whole country for the last 20 years that means she has a good reason why she’s supporting the President. She has seen development in general not Kampala or like you who is complaining in one area. Who best can tell you about the development of this country other than a musician, we are down with the people, we travel every single day and we talk to people directly. So I think it was unfair of people.’

Have a look at the entire video interview below.

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