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Bebe Cool Defends Ugandan Music Against West African Music In An Interview with TOF TV’s Jen Ashley


Bebe Cool with Jen Ashley

The debate still rages on. Bebe Cool now takes his fight for Ugandan music to international level. There has been a heated debate in the media recently about Bebe Cool and some leading artists like Jose Chameleone asking for local DJ’s to play Ugandan music more on Radio, Television and Night clubs.

The artists accuse the Local DJs and some media houses for promoting Nigerian and Jamaican music and shunning their own. The debate which particularly saw Bebe Cool taking on DJ BK of X-FM almost took a nasty twist when the protagonists got personal with Sanyu FMs Fat Boy joining in.

In an interview with on TOF an online TV’s Close up with Jen Ashley, the ‘Nkola Byafayo’ singer continued with his argument describing the region’s music as ‘real showbiz’ compared to the West African music which has become so dominant in Africa and the international audience. The MOBO Awards & MTV MAMA Awards nominee says,

“The East African industry is the most aggressive industry .The West African industry that is Nigeria and Ghana, they’ve got the numbers, they’ve got the hype, but right now, I can guarantee you that East Africa has what they call ‘showbiz’. We don’t care how many you are, what we do is show business.”

Bebe Cool also explains why Ugandan music still has no concrete identity compared to the West African counterparts who have kept “..an authentic African sound, without falling completely prey to the sounds of the western world. They’ve managed to keep their cultural sounds as well as keeping up with the times, therefore contemporizing it. With their hard work ethic, and strive for quality, they have managed to get the attention of international community, thus moving up the ranks”. As decribed by Writer Fumike A. Opokuaa who has reported details of the interview which the local media has shared.

“Uganda has seen battles and wars in the near past. Music in Uganda is the only thing that can take over the country and you forget the president, you forget politics, and you forget everything.”

“I like the fact that Nigerian music is crossing all over the world, which every country would want. But in Nigeria, they’re not playing Ugandan music more than Nigerian music. They could be playing, 1 or 2, 3 songs here and there, which is automatically okay, but they’re not doing it more than their own. Play the Nigerian music, but PRIORITIZE Ugandan. Why? Because everyone needs an identity. You need to support your own.” Bebe added

Bebe who is preparing for ‘The Best of Bebe Cool concert slated for August 8th at Kampala Serena Hotel has released a brand new video for his latest song Love you Everyday which critics have described as very high quality and is at international standard.

Bebe in the new music video

Bebe in the new music video

The new Reggae-Rock fusion song which is written and produced by Michael Fingers at Fenon Records was directed by Clarence Peters. It has since been playing on international channels like Channel O, Trace TV, MTV Base and East Africa TV and also taken over airwaves at home.


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