Bebe Cool Donates 60 Million To Treat Heart Patients In India

This year artiste Bebe Cool came with a whole new change when it comes to holding concerts. After skipping a year (2017) without holding a concert, Bebe recently held one and this time round, it was a charity concert whose proceeds were aimed at flying 5 children to India for special treatment two weeks after the ‘Golden Heart Concert’ that boasted of President Museveni’s attendance.

On Monday the 27th of August, Bebe through his newly opened ‘Amber Heart Foundation’ held a press conference where he unveiled his Ug. Shs. 60 million package to the disadvantaged children with their caretakers at the Kololo-based Torino Bar and Restaurant. The package was officially handed to Action Of The Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE) which is an NGO that takes care of disadvantaged people.

“Through this Foundation, I want to use my position as an established artist to elevate the unprivileged young people in Uganda by attracting specialized, professional and financial resources from within the country and internationally towards their plight” Bebe Cool said at the presser.

The presser which was attended by an overwhelming number of journalists, was to create hype about the fulfillment of his promise to cater for an all-expenses paid trip for these 5 children to India for special treatment.

Emmie Egwang, Bbosa Rashid, Maseruka Jovan, Namuyomba Shilat, Mukyandondwa Anthony, along with their caretakers will be flying out of the country on 2nd September 2018. See photos from the handover ceremony below;

Bebe Cool donated 60 million Ug Shs to help fly out 5 children for special treatment in India.

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