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Bebe Cool Feuding With Shaka Mayanja. So What Exactly Was The Issue?


Over the weekend there were very strong exchanges of words between Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool and Jazz Safari’s Winston Shaka Mayanja on social media. So what prompted all this?
Recently the top artists had kind of agreed to stop beefing and fighting in public especially physically.

And if you are a keen observer Bebe Cool who has been marred in controversy over his beefing with other artists especially Ghetto president Bobi Wine has of recent withdrawn to his shells preferring to limit his beef only in a few lines in the lyrics of his songs.
So what shook that lull out of him to prompt a strong worded response on social media? Well it started with this Facebook post by Shaka Mayanja
Shaka Mayanja

Big Size who is known not to mince his words responded immediately to the post that insinuated his latest block buster song ‘Love You Everyday’ was written by Tusker project fame winner Esther Nabaasa.
“Just to correct Shaka mayanja of jazz safari,if u want to know who wrote love u every day,at your age,u should not nose around since u know who sang it and u have his number,call him and ask otherwise stop misleading people by under looking BEBECOOL .Micheal fingers wrote half the song and I did half and mark u,u are in for surprises if u thought u new me well.THAT SHOWS HOW BAD HEARTED UGANDANS CAN BE.Instead of appreciating an artist,they will look for things just to bring them down.LETS SAY ESTER WROTE LOVE U EVERY DAY,IF SHE SANG IT,WOULD U HAVE CARED ABOUT IT OR LOVED IT?GROW UP.LOVE YOU EVERY DAY”
And after this, Bebe Cool’s strong and loyal army of fans (sometimes referred to as the Gagamel family) responded with a tirade of abuses on the post directed towards Mayanja. Some even went the extra mile by sending abuses directly into his inbox. Mayanja however stood his ground by saying credit has to be given where it’s due and insisted its Esther who wrote the song, and Michael Fingas arranged and produced it while Bebe Cool ‘merely sang it’
“Alrighty, Alrighty. All ye Bebe Cool fans. Hold your fire. Even the best artists in history had and have teams of songwriters. It’s not new neither is it some sort of disrespect to an artist. So please, read and understand the gist of a post before sending me nonsensical inbox messages.
“I insist, the song is well written by Estah, well produced and arranged by Michael Fingers, well supervised and recorded by Fenon Studio, and well performed by Bebe Cool. Chapter closed. Now let’s all chill”. He added
And when Bebe Cool fans continued throwing all sorts of comments, Shaka finally put his tail between his legs and ‘admitted defeat’.
“Well done Bebe. It’s a good song, no matter who wrote it. I wasn’t knocking you at all or bringing you down. Far from it. If you wrote the song, well done. About bringing you down, you’re backing the wrong tree. I ain’t.”
And Bebe Cool concluded by saying:
“Winston, next time if u want to know , Pliz call me. if u wanted to give yo comment genuinely, u would have talked about the producer of the video n the musician who sang the song. That is the best way to show appreciation.”
By the time Shaka posted his last comment, the number of abuses flying towards him were getting out of hand but he still managed to post a response any way;
“Bebe Cool, my post is about the song and its quality. All good. Next time I’ll post about the video. I really don’t see any harm in crediting the songwriters, is there?”
Some observer’s chano8 talked to have however said, that Mayanja could be implying this provocation trick as marketing tool to give him mileage for the upcoming Jazz festival in October at Kampala Serena Hotel. Although Mayanja continued with the discussion on a local TV station, Bebe had already cooled down and moved on. We’ll keep you posted in case of any new developments.

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