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Bebe Cool Gives Praises To God As Singer Congratulates Wife Zuena Upon Recovery From Covid-19

Veteran singer Bebe Cool congratulated his wife Zuena Kirema upon recovering from the deadly Covid-19.

In a post on her official social media platforms, Zuena said she has been battling Covid 19 for a month and that her recovery happened when she was admitted at Mulago Hospital.

Bebe expressed his gratitude to Allah for being there for his wife through a post on his official Facebook page

“Kulikayo baby (Luganda for welcome back baby) Others will call it propaganda not until they have caught the disease or have had a loved one who got it and died. Alhamdulilah.All praises to Allah,”  Read his post.

Recently, Zuena who is now fully recovered posted a long post on social media narrating her encounter with Covid and the experience she went through.

She said she got the virus one month ago and was even admitted at Mulago hospital

“Today marks one month since I was battling Covid 19. Mine started as simple flu, followed by cough and before I knew it, I had lost taste and sense of smell,” she said

She said she also started got fever and started vomiting with a running stomach.

“This is when I told my husband (Bebe Cool) and he decided to take me to Mulago hospital though I was scared of going there because of the bad stories about the hospital and how they manage Covid 19 patients,” She explained.

Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena has been battling Covid19 for the past one month

She said everything was free of charge from accommodation to food and other utilities apart from specific medicine which they didn’t have.

“I thank the doctors, nurses and staff and other medical personals to working hard to save lives of Ugandans at the hospital,” he narrated in a lengthy post.

Lastly, she asked the public not to fear the disease because it is treated like other sicknesses and said there’s need to sensitize the masses about the disease and how it can be defeated once it attacks them.













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