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Bebe Cool Involved In An Altercation With Blogger Peng Peng

Ugandan singer Bebe Cool has lashed out at Peng Peng after blogger said that Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena should just stay home wife.

This altercation follows the scenes from the video shoot of the Every Where You Go video where Bebe Cool, apparently kissed a video vixen while Zuena stood by the side taking pictures.

Not feeling at ease, Peng Peng was forced to say, ‘I don’t know why Ugandan women are so dense!Zuena has been a longtime friend but I realized she is more depressed than I thought.’

The blogger goes on to say, ‘Whats wrong with this couple’, Zuena acts like that she has no feelings, she’s just there taking pictures pretending its okay but the concept makes her sad.

Bebe Cool on set of new Everywhere You Go video

Bebe Cool on set of new Everywhere You Go video

Peng Peng’s comments didnt sit well with Bebe Cool as he furiously said, ‘never be that stupid to compare my wife to those two (Barbie and Daniella).

In response to Jose Chameleone’s and Bobi Wine’s wife, the Gagamel singer further says, ‘I hear they stay home as their men go to work, don’t u see that the more the two women stay home the more the two guys KUZALA wabweru (have children out of their relationships)

The Love You Everyday singer concluded by saying you should sometimes move with your wife everywhere you go for the relationship to stay healthy.

I guess we shall just wait and see how this altercation pans out.

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