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Bebe Cool Is Still Uganda Cranes Ambassador, FUFA Clarifies

The Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has come out  and cleared the air regarding Bebe Cool being the official ambassador of Uganda cranes after contrary rumors started spreading on social media.

The football governing body through their official website posted that “Bebe Cool is still Uganda Cranes Ambassador. We love you” rubbishing information that circulated on Facebook recently that Bobi Wine had taken the role.

This came after Bobi Wine was pictured clad in a Ugandan jersey together with his vice president Nubian Lee at Namboole stadium.

Bebe cranes3

Still Ambassador; Bebe Cool with wife Zuena Kirema cheer the Cranes in a recent match at Namboole 

Whoever broke the news didn’t do enough research regarding this information as the two artistes were just shooting the video of their new track called ‘Ndi MunaUganda’ which will be released sometime next week.

The writer capitalized on the fact that Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are not on good terms and thought that this piece of information would help him get more views, likes and comments.

Bebe Cranes2

Bebe talks to Uganda Cranes players in Namboole recently

The “Byebyo” artiste has been the ambassador of Uganda cranes for a year now after President Magogo found him ideal for that project. So far, his time in office has been fruitful because he has successfully been calling upon people to attend Uganda cranes matches at Namboole as well as making the game more popular especially in the entertainment circles.


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