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Bebe Cool Mesmerized By The French Ambassador To Uganda

Already, some people have tagged Stephanie Rivoal the best Ambassador in Uganda after what she displayed last weekend during the France Uganda Friendship Week event at Namboole stadium. The ambassador is jovial, interactive and a good musician as well. Yes because she sampled the crowd what she’s made of when invited by Bebe Cool on stage.

Rivoal, unlike other ambassadors who can’t wiggle their waists came shaking her waist, grabbed the microphone and sang Bebe Cool’s ‘Love you every day’. She sang it word for word especially the first verse and this sent goose pimples to the artiste who decided to hug the ambassador and also give her a few pecks. It was like he didn’t expect it. He looked like he was dreaming on hearing her sing and the lady made it even worse when she said it’s her favourite song.

Of course we know where Bebe Cool is coming from because we were also caught off-guard mainly because we didn’t expect her to be the kind of person who would take time off to not only hear Ugandan music but to go ahead and learn the lyrics.


That time the French ambassador to Uganda sang Bebe Cool’s ‘Love You Every Day’ like she did rehearse it

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