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Bebe Cool Mocked On Social Media Over Ranting About His Stolen Phone

Although his wife Zuena Kirema came to his rescue and bought him a brand new and newly released Samsung Galaxy S10+, veteran musician Bebe Cool is still in shock over his phone that he lost to a thug on Saturday night.

This incident happened during the jam at Kira Road traffic lights. This was a big opportunity for the thief who used the fact that Bebe’s car windows weren’t closed as a big advantage to snatch and run away with his phone

Angry Bebe Cool immediately took to his Facebook page to rant over the lost phone. “Thug lucky as he snatches my fon @Kira road traffic lights. Sorry incase u call and no response.” Read his Facebook post

A few minutes after Bebe’s post went up, the comments which came in from Facebook users were not any sympathetic at all. Many people seemed so happy that  Bebe’s phone had been snatched like one Ed Weiz who commented and said. “So the thug that snatched ur brains came for the phone today, empty head”

However, we realized that most of the comments were coming in from Bebe Cool’s critics as well as Bobi Wine’s ‘People Power’ supporters

A Facebook user by the name Caro Favour Ejolu commented “you were busy mocking at bobi wine and you thought peoples prayers can’t be answered not forgetting it’s the government which you support

Sorry for Bebe Cool, the phone is gone but here is how Facebook users mocked the ‘Love You Everyday’ singer after crying out that his phone was stolen

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