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Bebe Cool Names His Top 16 Artistes In 2017

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If we are to talk in terms of music, the year 2017 went on successfully with artistes proving their singing prowess to their fans and the general public at large. We are comfortable to say that 2017 was a year of musical success but a lot is however still needed to make our industry reach the level we want.

Bebe cool is one of the veteran artistes in Uganda who command a lot of respect on the entertainment scene and many artistes have been inspired by him to join the music industry.

Being a veteran artiste, Bebe Cool has the experience as well and earlier today, he shared a list of the artistes he thinks made it in 2017. However, the artistes he mentioned are in no particular order in terms of positions but the criteria he used in selecting them varied from either their hit songs or successful concerts they held.

It was not the music alone that Bebe Cool reviewed but he also crossed to comedy and fashion where he mentioned comedians Salvado, Mad Rat, Chiko and Mariachi. In the fashion world, He mentioned one Ahumuza Brian aka Abryanz whom he urged the president of Uganda to support because of his dedicated heart in representing Uganda in fashion across borders.

Bebe cool also took a special time to thank all his fans who tirelessly supported him throughout 2017 although he personally acknowledged that he did not do well musically.

 “2017 was a great year for the music industry as we witnessed a lot of new talent take shape and position in the Ugandan music/entertainment industry. At the same time we also witnessed old talent exit as the new young talent put a lot of pressure in the game, putting into consideration the major changes in types of music/beats/fashion and interest of the audiences.” Read part of Bebe Cool’s long Facebook post.

Below is Bebe Cool’s list of artistes who deserve full recognition and credit in Uganda and their songs accordingly.
Ykee Benda-Superman,Eva,Malaika
Fik Fameica -Byenyenya,Kutama
Sheebah-John Rambo,Muwe
Irene Ntale -Kyolowoza,Stamina daddy
Roden Y Kabako-Sitani Tonkema
Vinka -Over Dose, Malaika
Voltage Music-Over Dose,Cheza Mama
David Lutalo -Kwasa,Wolololo
Eddy Yawe and Carol Nantongo -Tukigale
Moureen Nantume -Ndi Muzade,Malidadi
Spice Diana -Bukete,Anti kale
B2C -Nyongera,Gutamiza, Akapande
Gravity Omutujju -Cricket Oval


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