“Bebe Cool Paid Me 5Million For Writing His Song Katono”- Black Skin

Recently, producers formed an association amongst themselves with the main of finding resolutions on how they can benefit more from songs they produce. They want to be earning from songs they produced every time an artiste gets paid for them. But as producers are taking that route, song writers are busy benefitting.

Apart from the artistes who write their own songs, guys like Yesse Oman Rafiki, A Pass, Dr Brain and Blackskin are busy making some good money.

Well according to Blackskin, Bebe Cool paid him shs5million for his services on Katono. BlackSkin wrote Katono which went ahead to be one of the biggest songs in 2017.

“The most expensive song I’ve written in my career is Katono by Bebe Cool. He gave me shs5million,” said

Bebe Cool reportedly paid 5million to Black Skin for the song Katono

Black Skin who is also the writer behind other songs like Sitani Tonkema by Rodney Y, Fik Fameica & Sheebah, Tunywe, Akusse, Ndi Wanjawulo and Muwe by Sheebah, Embuzzi Zakutudde and Ampalana by Gravity Omutujju, Twelageko by Irene Ntale, Spice Diana’s 32, Ex and Bagikona, Tokyayitaba by Weasel, Twegalile by Navio, Bebe Cool’s Up and Whine, and Tatizo by Chameleon, among others.

This however is not the most that Bebe Cool has paid for a song as A Pass confirmed that he was paid shs10million to pen down African Gal for him.

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