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Bebe Cool Praises Nigerian Music Industry For Raising Uganda’s Hope In Music

Gagamel star Bebe Cool has thanked the Nigerian music fraternity for improving the Ugandan music industry which had been swept with a wave of laziness.

The love you everyday singer said that every bad thing has something good in it as he reflected on last year when Nigerian music took over African countries and the world at large.

Bebe Cool praises the Nigerian music industry for the job done

Bebe Cool praises the Nigerian music industry for the job done

‘If u notice now,that wave of Nigeria music forced all LAZY African artist to up their game and do better quality audio and videos.In Uganda we had copied the JAMAICAN sickness of doing good songs and shooting low quality camcorder videos which affected our music in general,‘ he said.

Looking at the much need improvement in the Ugandan music industry, Bebe Cool further said, ‘After the Nigerian wave,all African artists woke up to quality and high level competition in both audio and video production which is a good thing for African music.I Particularly want to thank the NIGERIAN music fraternity for raising the African HOPE in the music industry.Thumbs up.’

According to Bebe Cool’s publicist Kleberson, the Gagamel boss was motivated to praise the Nigerian music industry because it has helped encourage Ugandan musicians to release better quality videos and audios which can compete at the international level.

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