Bebe Cool Preaches Social Distancing To Fight Coronavirus Alongside All Stars

There has been a debate raging on social media after Bobi Wine released a song to sensitize the masses in the fight against coronavirus followed by Bebe Cool who teamed up with a n All-star cast.

As usual the protagonists were engaged on which of the two songs is better. Well, as Chano8 we will not go into the aesthetics for now but rather the basics and reasons behind the initiatives.

The COVID-19 pandemic is now a global crisis and everyone has to be involved in the fight in one way or the other. The political leaders have been in the forefront of the fight and in our case President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and Health Minister Dr. Rush Achieng.

The celebrities, especially musicians, have now joined in the fight by releasing songs to sensitize masses against the dangers of the disease and measures of how to combat it.

Bebe Cool teamed up with a host of Ugandan artistes and sang a song titled ‘Corona Distance ‘emphasizing social distancing as a means to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

In the song which has been split into two parts, Bebe Cool features artistes Vinka, Azawi from Swangz Avenu, Apass, John Blaq, Fik Fameica, FreshKid and His Father Fresh Daddy as well as Akira in Chapter One.

Bebe Cool features some of Uganda’s top artistes.

The messages from Ministry of Health like washing hands with soap and water, avoiding crowded places and also avoiding people who are showing symptoms of the disease have been echoed. Prodigy rapper Freshkid seems to stand out with his rap verse and Akira who sings in Acholi.

“This #CORONADISTANCECHALLENGE is meant to push more awareness about Corona virus, entertain us and atleast divert us away from worries as we stay indoors”. Bebe Cool said

The song was produced at Swangz Avenue and has a soft Afro-beat rhythm and flow which is comfortable to the ear in a somber mood especially during this quarantine period. You can checkout it out below;

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