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Bebe Cool Prefers Everywhere I Go To Love You Everyday

Much as everyone is praising his Love you everyday track, Bebe Cool says everywhere I go is by far the better song of the two.

The gagamel boss says his composure, feel and love he exhibited in everywhere I go track is simply on point as compared to love you every day.

He also says the longevity of the two songs matters because Reggae songs have something people will look at and feel after ten years as compared to other types of tracks.

“Everywhere I go is the kind of track that you get to like the more times you listen to it and everyone who was criticizing it at first I’m sure loves it now. True Love you everyday has been on top of the charts for six months now but the former song will be played over and over again in years to come,” He says.

Bebe Cool on set on his Everywhere I go song

Bebe Cool on set on his Everywhere I go song

The “Nkola byafayo” artiste pointed out that love you every day was never played on MTV Base while in its first week of release; everywhere I go was played three times on MTV.

Bebe Cool in explaining the difference between the two videos said one video is outdoor completely while the other is indoor.

“For the past four years, I bet no Jamaican artiste has done an indoor video with the picture quality like everywhere I go and that’s what makes the difference because love you every day is an outdoor video.”

Love you every day was produced and written by Michael Fingers and Bebe Cool himself at Fenon records and the video was shot and directed by Clarence Peters while everywhere I go was written by A-pass and produced by Nesiim at Badi studios with the video being shot and directed by godfather.

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