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Bebe Cool Prepares For Serena Concert, Unleashes New Videos

bebe-cool1newThe Big size, Extra large Rasta man who is preparing for his 2014 album launch has announced the official dates and venues for his concerts. The Album launch yet to be themed is due on 8th August at Kampala Serena Hotel. This will be followed by two shows on 9th in Mukono and 10th at Lido Beach He has already officially kicked off the promotion of the launch by releasing a brand new video for his latest song ‘Nkola Byafayo’ which is already making it big on the Radio airwaves and TV Screens. The music video done by Meddie Mens and Audio produced by Boogie Empire is partly shot from his unfinished house in Kiwatule has many fans and Gagamel faithful dancing to the Ragga/Dance hall tune from the windows and compound of the huge mansion. He had earlier also released other songs ‘What kind of man’ and ‘NyonyiI Nkezze’ which have been well received by fans


Bebe Cool who has of late been a very busy man is also taking part in the Tusker Twende challenge. A reality TV show(for charity) in which participants work as a team to deliver a bottle from Mombasa in East Africa, to London in UK. He also has his Gagamel Band performing live in Amnesia every Tuesday. All this on top of promoting his wife Zuena’s TV show that runs on NTV every Sunday, and working on private businesses and investments in and around Kampala.


Meanwhile, the cries are getting louder and more frequent. The message more crystal. Ugandan DJs please don’t attempt a coup on our local music again. The voices have been coming from different corners. Bebe Cool is the latest artist to join the campaign in voicing his concerns over Ugandan DJs and some media houses playing Nigerian and foreign music hence abandoning our very own Ugandan music. This comes just a few days after Dr Jose Cameleone raised the same issue during his Tubonge Live East African concert at Lugogo cricket oval on Friday 28th March 2014 and also during the extra shows in Colline Hotel Mukono and Resort Beach Entebbe over the weekend.

Bebe Cool who sounded pissed off, raised his outburst on social media and posted on Facebook;

“My Advise to Ugandan Artists, ignore all Ugandan DJS ,TVS and RADIO STATIONS who opt to play Nigerian music more than Ugandan. I personally pity them coz they do not have a single idea how hard it was to push out Lingala music making Ugandan music a priority hence creating jobs for our brothers and sisters who today r stars. I FULLY RESPECT ALL DJS WHO R TAKING UGANDAN MUSIC AS A PRIORITY and all the other music next. Am not saying Nigerian music shud not be played, it shud be played as much as any other country music but UGANDAN MUSIC MUST BE PLAYED MORE.PATRIOTISM(don’t forget in Nigeria they play Nigerian music more).thx”

Many big artists have been complaining ‘underground’, but hopefully they will soon join in to openly fight for the much needed space for recognition especially in their own country.

Bebe Cool's Kiwatule House where the Nkola Byafayo video was shot

Bebe Cool’s Kiwatule House where the Nkola Byafayo video was shot



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