Bebe Cool Promises To Release New Video Every Month

“I’m never going to shoot videos infront of these funny cameras anymore,” Bebe Cool said this approximately a year and some months ago during an interview on UBC and after that, he has been on a marathon of shooting videos with Sasha Vybz, Godfather and Clarence Peters, video directors known to be the best in Africa. 

Yesterday, Bebe Cool released yet another statement on his Facebook wall that will perhaps get his enemies and fans talking. The artiste promised that he’s going to release a video every month for a year and two months starting today. “Great news. I will be releasing a brand new video every 1ST OF EVERY MONTH for the next 15 months. Not just videos but quality in consideration. Music lovers get ready startingTOMORROW.” but the question here is can he keep up with his words?

Bebe Cool 2

Bebe Cool will release a new video every month

We believe he can because already, he has released the video of one of his recent tracks called ‘Sente’ and if you notice, Bebe unlike in the previous years is now focused and determined to be Uganda’s music export.

Already, the artiste has over seven songs in a space of seven months in ‘Taata’, Kabulengane, ‘Ki ekiganye’, ‘Dede’ and Manyi go’ among others.

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