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Bebe Cool Raises Storm By Asking Ugandans To Support Ellah Over Esther In Big Brother

Big brother hotshots is heating up now with some housemates up for eviction. The heat has even been turned a notch higher by Bebe Cool who has asked Uganda to support reigning Miss Uganda Stellah Nantumbwe also known as Ellah in the Brig Brother house.

bebe beef

Bebe Cool

The ‘Nkola Byafayo’ singer had a dig on the other Ugandan contestant Esther whom he referred to as a ‘Ugandan Karaoke dancer ‘and has asked his fans to ignore her labeling her an ‘embarrassment to our nation’.


Uganda’s Esther


However his followers have given him a mixed reaction with some fans telling him off and actually giving their own assessment of the two contestants. These section of fans think Esther is actually more lively and hence entertaining as opposed to Ellah who is dormant and quite.

“Hello Uganda,we as Ugandans have ONE housemate in the big brother house and her name is ELLAH but she is up for eviction coz she does not have our country vote,so I call upon all my fans and friends to pliz vote for her by typing ELLAH and send to 8884 or go to www.bigbrotherafrica.com and follow the instruction .NOTE:(on line u can vote 100 times in one hour).the other Ugandan karaoke dancer is an embarrassment to our nation which totally requires EVICTION this weekend.Lets all vote for ELLAH to stay in the big brother house. House” Bebe Cool wrote


Ellah of Uganda

The debate is now on his wall with others siding with him and calling Esther all sorts of names. This has been the trend almost everywhere on social media with most Ugandans ‘not satisfied’ with this year’s representatives and have even started a campaign to recall Esther dubbed ‘Bring back our Esther’ on twitter.

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