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Bebe Cool Refuses To Acknowledge Amama Mbabazi

Bebe Cool has come out and denounced Amama Mbabazi after he was set up to perform at the Western Awards event in Mbarara where the former prime minister was the guest of honor.

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool

Taking his fury out on the organizers, the Gagamel singer said ‘Am shocked by Uganda’s politics, i was paid to perform in Mbarara at an event dubbed ‘Western awards’ to my shock as i perform my second song guest of honor arrives at around 11:30 Amama Mbabazi & wife.For God’s sake mr promoter am a MUSEVENI DIE HARD and setting me up to recognize Mbabazi could not work out coz it was just too obvious.’

It should also be noted that Bebe Cool who was recently in South Africa for a video shoot is about to release his new song Every Where You Go.

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