Bebe Cool and Sauti Sol Talk About ‘Embozi Za Malwa’

Last year, Bebe Cool announced that he was not going to organise a concert this year in a bid to stamp his authority on the international scene. So far, he is on the right track because he is getting more airplay in Uganda more than most artistes.  

He dedicated this year to having more regional collaborations and what better way to start than with award-winning Kenyan band Sauti Sol.

Bebe Cool yesterday officially released another high flyer that is expected to take the continent by storm.

He teamed up with Sauti Sol on ‘Mbozi za Malwa’ which made available on sound cloud and if the reception it’s getting so far is anything to go by, then it’s definitely going to be a hit.

Bebe Cool (C) with Sauti Sol partnering on ‘Mbozi Za Malwa’

” In many African communities, you only have to go to a local bar for a drink with friends to get to know the latest news happening around your community”

‘MBOZI ZA MALWA’ for Luganda ‘Conversations that usually take place when friends are having a drink at a local joint (bar)’  Says the brief intro on the song.

Produced by Dans Ku Mapeesa and written by Rafiki, this song defines the latest trend of Baxx-raga and it’s about the conversations people have when drinking (local brew).

Bebe Cool does the first verse and the chorus is shared between him and Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aimé Baraza both in Luganda and Kiswahili. The second verse is done by yet another member from the band Savara Mudigi before Bebe chips in.

The most interesting bit is that, Savara Mudigi tries out Luganda and it’s not that bad.

Listen to ‘Embozi Za Malwa below;

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