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Bebe Cool Set To Perform In Amsterdam

Bebe Cool who recently shot back at critics for calling his songs meaningless, is set to have a concert in Amsterdam on October 11.


The gagamel singer told his rivals and critics that his songs are prophetic and philosophical. Only fools and daft people cannot comprehend.

“They say Bebe Cool’s songs have no songs that he sings useless songs, but I want to tell these people who are always talking trash in the media that Bebe Cool’s songs have meanings which need one to take time to understand. Only daft people are the ones’ who don’t comprehend.” Bebe shot back at critics who have always questioned the wisdom behind some of his songs.

With that said, Bebe Cool who is all set to perform in Amsterdam, took to Facebook to alert his fans in the Netherlands and also hype the Ugandan fans for the upcoming cranes match against Togo.

Amsterdam get ready to party with BEBECOOL on the 11th oct, independence celebrations at the melody line,Willem fenengastraat 12,1096BN .
“Back home all Ugandans will join our CRANES at nambole stadium as they demolish TOGO on the 11th, October.”


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