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‘Bebe Cool Is Shallow’ Says Cindy, Claims DJs Not Doing Enough To Promote Local Talent

Cindy has joined the debate about DJs not playing local music

Self-proclaimed King herself Cindy came out about the ongoing war between musicians and deejays saying that deejays are not doing enough in promoting Ugandan music. The debate has been going on for a long time with the two sides often times conflicting on the delicate issue.

The dancehall musician says that all they want as artistes is for the deejays to play at least 70% of local music and 30% of the international. 

DJ Apeman says he only plays local music out of love

She also threw some jibes at Bebe Cool for his statements that all the artistes in the ‘Save Uganda Music’ are failures. 

The ‘Ayokya yokya’ said that Bebe is shallow because the industry went to the dogs won’t neglect him. 

“It’s amazing how Shallow Bebe Cool is, because what is happening the industry is not affecting him right now but it will affect him later as an artiste because at the end of the day you will have to keep your legacy as an artiste,” She said. 

Bebe Cool has been on the line of fire of late

She added that, they are not in the industry to make money but to preserve the Ugandan culture as well. “We are not trying to chase our Nigerian music but we want our country more. We want to give them their airplay of 20 to 30% but we should remain with our 70%. We have so much talent to give so much attention to artistes abroad.”

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