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Bebe Cool Shares His Views On Religion

Ugandan singer Bebe Cool who was recently involved in an altercation with Shaka Mayanja, has shown his inspirational side.


The singer shared an amazing message on his Facebook Wall where emphasized that it’s always dark before dawn.

“ALLAH will not let anyone change your plans, direction, hope , faith, belief, if u don’t change them your self. Its strange that those close to u can koz u pain tho it’s logical that pain can only be kozed by those close to u,(close is relative)as in physical or mental. NOTE, CALLING ON GOD 100 times a day does not mean he will RESPOND, I KUD BE CALLING ON HIM ONCE A DAY AND HE KUD RESPOND TO ME BEFORE U. I know that u just have to push on no matter what evil comes your way, EVERY AFTER DARKNESS, THERE SHALL BE LIGHT, but I won’t forget that every after light,there shall be darkness and that’s y I will keep a touch with me for life.(with lifetime batteries).GAGAMEL FOR LIIIIIIIFEEEE.thanks ALLAH”

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