Bebe Cool ‘So Disgusted’ By The NRM Members Of Parliament Over Accepting UGX.20 Million Coronavirus Money

As the debate about Ugandan Members of Parliament allocating themselves 10Billion from the supplementary budget rages on, many have now come out to share their views including politicians, local leaders and celebrities.

Among the vocal people include, musician Bebe Cool who says he is very disgusted by the decision taken by MPs who belong to the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM). Bebe Cool being a staunch supporter of President Yoweri Museveni and the ruling party has this time taken a different route unlike previously where he has always sided with his party.

The singer who has on several occasions appeared in the media to defend government positions has this time disagreed with his fellow NRM members from the Augusts house over what he has termed a complete disregard for the feelings of “the Ugandans who for sure are suffering in this period”.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga says the issue should not be discussed by the MPs in public.

He also went ahead to give alternative ways that money could be used, should the legislators whom he says he has campaigned for “In several occasions” accept to take it.

Below is his full statement on the matter;

“Am so disgusted by the NRM members of Parliament on the decision to accept the 20 million Ugandan shillings in the name of sensitization of covid-19 in your constituencies.
You completely disregarded the feelings of the Ugandans who for sure are suffering in this period.
Why didn’t you say you wanted the 20m to buy posho and beans for atleast 450 homes of sick and old vulnerable people in your constituencies.10kgs of posho cost 22000 and 5kgs of beans cost 20000.

You each would have bought approximately 450 bags of posho and 450 bags of beans.
If you think well, adding one month of your salary would have doubled the help to these voters.
You already each earn a minimum of 25m per month, of which none of you has put a motion in parliament to cut it to half during these hard months to support government financially.

20m (for sensitization) plus 25m (from your one month salary) equals 45 million shillings which is way less, considering how much you spend during campaigns. These are the times when you should side with all your people and not your pockets.
These are the times when you should sacrifice income from your businesses to sustain/support a good number of your voters.

As a comrade who has always gone looking for Nrm votes from these same voters, you deny me the platform to support you.
I feel so heartbroken with this decision made by parliament despite the fact that there are more things that indeed go wrong but we try and understand because of the pre-existing conditions of our economy and country.

But I also understand that fighting president M7 out is being done at many fronts i.e. Parliament, police, cabinet and mainly STATE HOUSE. In these offices many are pretending to be NRM but are inside to tarnish and destroy the party and the president since the bush is not an option any more, proof to existence of the MAFIA who by the way started on me one year ago, a topic am soon opening publicly.

Therefore with all due respect, i kindly request the NRM members of Parliament to reconsider the 20m,add your one month salary, personally buy food for the people of your constituencies, hand it to the ministry of health with specific guidelines for your people.The ministry can then work with the RDC’s and LC’s to distribute the food to the sick and most vulnerable people.
There are so many people on strong medication like for TUBERCULOSIS AND HIV but lack food.These lists of patients can be gotten from all medical focal persons per medical facility or even the DHOs.

We await your noble response.


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