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Bebe Cool To Sponsor 6 Children For Surgery From Concert Proceeds

We have seen musicians holding concerts for a cause but after the events are done, we never hear of anything about the proceeds but Bebe Cool promises that the proceeds that will be coming out of his upcoming concertGolden Heart at Serena few months from now will be used to finance not one, not two but six children to India for heart surgeriesBebe Cool said.

This comes at a time when the first child he solicited money for to have surgery in India came back after undergoing a successful one.

Bebe Cool with his children in one of his previous concerts at Serena

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to inform you that baby Sheilla had a successful first operation and is back in a much healthier state. She will need a second and final operation in one year from now but at this moment let us part ourselves on the back for the prayers, financial and all other kinds of support that was offered to save this little angel’s life,” said the Gagamel boss.

He also added that while baby Sheilla is in a safer state now, there are five more of these children with the same heart complication that need support.

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