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Bebe Cool To Unleash Different Styles In The Go Mama Album

With the highly anticipated Go Mama listener’s that’s slated for June 2 fast approaching, Bebe Cool keeps giving us more details each day of what fans should expect on that day.

The singer revealed to Chano8 that his new album is like no other, ‘it has so many styles, it was made sure that each song is different from the other.’

He further said that, ‘they had to go through it carefully to make sure they have taken care of every individual by color, race and age. So when you put out such an album so many people will ask questions, for example, there is a rock song and someone may say that I don’t understand rock music but there so many people in the world who listen to rock music. On this particular day, I will  explain every song and will also be able to take a few questions from the public.’

To add, Bebe Cool also said that he will explain to the fans why the lyrics and why he chose to put the song on the album as well as introduce the people who wrote the audio and produced it.

Some of the art work off Bebe Cool's Go Mama album

Some of the art work off Bebe Cool’s Go Mama album

The Go Mama album will be available for purchase online next week and several other locations, which he will communicate later.

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