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Bebe Cool Upset After His Goat Runs Backwards During The Goat Race

At the launch of the 2018 Royal Ascot Goat Race which took place at Speak Apartments a few weeks ago, veteran musician Bebe Cool who was one of the attendees made news after he bought a goat at Ug Shs one  million in an auction. He later named it A Pass as well as saying it runs very fast which could see it win the competition

Bebe Cool had too much expectations in this goat until Saturday the 25th of August when the event made a big come back at Speak Resort Munyonyo. Expectant Bebe who had hopes that his goat called A Pass would  win the race or at least emerge among the top finalists was disappointed when the goat did the opposite.

When they flagged the goats off for the race, instead of running, like others, all ‘A Pass’ could do was to run backwards as if that is where the others were running to. This was perfect justification that the the ‘Up And Whine’ singer had not trained his goat ahead of the race.

“Imagine buying a goat for the goat race at one million, naming it APASS and all it does is to run back wards”. Disappointed Bebe Cool posted on his Facebook page.

Bebe Cool was one of the disappointed revellers whose goats performed poorly in this event which was last held in Kampala in 2012 when the organizers decided to take a break.

Bebe Cool with his goat A Pass at the launch of the Royal Ascot Goat Race



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