Bebe Cool Watches Arsenal Match In London, Scorned By Fans

bebe1Not so long ago, Bebe Cool drew a lot of debate when asked Ugandan DJs and some media houses to be ‘patriotic’ and play more Ugandan music in Clubs, Radios TV stations and Happening places. Although the same call was echoed by other artists, Bebe Cool became the main man on focus and was on the spot most especially because of the choice of words he used.

He attacked some media personalities especially Fatboy (Sanyu FM) and DJ Beekay(X-FM) when the debate became heated up and the deejays fired back by telling him off. They argued that, they only play music that has quality and ‘substance’. This is something missing in most Ugandan music hence, the recent entrance of Nigerian music into the Ugandan entertainment industry.

However, ironically Bebe Cool was in Londonon (Tuesday 15th April) to attend the Arsenal Vs Westham United game which ended 3-1 in favour of Arsene Wenger’s boys at the Emirates stadium. This drew a lot of criticism and scorn from fans. This was after he posted photos of himself in the pavilion cheering the gunners on Facebook. Some fans were questioning his patriotism by boarding a plane to fly to London just to watch The Gunners as opposed to the local teams like Sports Club Villa, KCCA or Express. Our local games have low attendance and limited support for the local clubs. Most of the clubs have therefore struggled financially with few making it to continental soccer stages.

Now fans back home have reignited the debate with many of them calling for his head for doing exactly the opposite of what he has been preaching. He is seen to be bragging for supporting something ‘foreign’ yet at home he claims it is ‘unpatriotic’ especially as concerns DJs playing Nigerian and Jamaican music more than local Ugandan music. It should also be noted that Bebe Cool who looked pretty excited in the photos has also named some of his children in relation to the London club like Thierry (Henry – the Arsenal legend)

The photos (which Chano8 has seen) are already in circulation on many social media forums and have become a hot topic for debate among fans and critics of the self proclaimed ‘Titanic’ of Ugandan music. Some are calling him names while his diehard fans and those who support Arsenal, are praising him for this latest ‘achievement.’ He has been bragging that he is first the East African artiste to step at the Emirates Stadium, O2 Arena and Hyde Park. He posted this on facebook;

“For sure not in a bad way yadde kiluma abatesi ba I think am glad to be the firts east african artist in the Emirates, hyde park, and now the O2 arena.Nkola byafayo gagamel east african canival easter monday nkola byafayo. Headin back home …level.”


Some observers however say that, Bebe Cool employed this strategy as a marketing tool to drive publicity for his new songs ‘Nyonyi Nkezze’ and ‘Nkola byafayo,’ and also his Easter Monday ‘East African Carnival’ concert in Kiwatule.


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