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Bebe Cool, Ziza Bafana And Sheebah To Bag Ug Shs 400 M Each

Musicians Bebe Cool, Sheebah Karungi and Ziza Bafana are each 400m richer after they were signed by Africell to be their new trending don’t be cheated data campaign’ that the telecom unveiled last Friday at Guvnor during the Snapchat party.

 The three musicians who are also the most trending at the moment with quite a number of hits lately have already shot the adverts which are receiving massive airplay.


 This is the first time the three artistes are working together and as part of the endorsement deal, they have to perform at the company events, encourage their fans to join the telecom company and appear on most company logos.

 This is the beauty of about being a musician because you can be broke at one moment and then the next, you receive a call and get an endorsement deal worth millions of shillings.

 And then some people continue saying that music is done by thugs who are failures in life.


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