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Bebe Cool’s Classy Night Out In ‘Vegas’

The classy theme night ‘A night in Vegas returned at club Guvnor last Thursday but this time interesting things happened. First of all the whole setting and outlook of Guvnor situated at industrial area was changed to suit the theme. Then there was Bebe Cool.

Although things started at a slow pace with guests and revellers starting to show up at 11 PM, things got interesting at around midnight when bouncers dressed like Italian/roman guards appeared and took positions at the entrance of the club followed shortly by skimpily dressed ushers.

The guests, mostly young ladies then started flowing in close to 1:00AM dressed to kill, Most of them adhering to the dress code of black and gold.

Bebe Cool was the main act.

Bebe Cool was the main act.

When the ushers started wheeling in the VIP guests, the ambience of the night changed. With flares sparkling the nightclub from the beautiful ushers, guests arrived in one after the other until the man of the Night Bebe Cool rolled in with his Gagamel crew at 2AM. And did not take long to have a feel of Vegas created in the heart of Kampala as the DJs and MC of the night announced he was next to entertain the guests.

Guvnor vegas

Guvnor was transformed into Las Vegas

Bebe Cool decided to perform mostly his new songs off his upcoming “Go Mama album’. Although the crowd is not yet familiar with most of the songs, Bebe continued the trend and even taught the fans the chorus to one of his favourite songs ‘African Woman’ also written by New kid on the block A Pass.

So when the crowd got in the mood after Bebe performed ‘Everywhere I go’ he knew it was time to do the award winning block buster song song ‘Love You Every day. The fans showed in excitement and took to the floor with some singing along as Bebe mixed and mingled easily.


Guvnor was full house 

He took on the glamour girls who dominated the dance floor with some erotic dance moves before fizzling off to enjoy the classy atmosphere of Vegas inspired by American high end casino life style that many people crave to experience before they die.

Just next to the dance floor was a corner reserved for the rich gang who were in attendance with their leader Ivan Ssemwanga trying so hard to steal the limelight in a very difficult period in which rumors were making rounds that his estranged wife Zari Hassan had tied the knot with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz.

We have our snoops on the ground and will keep you updated on new developments.

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