Bebe Cool’s ‘Kabulengane’ Video Paints Colourful Message On Character

Big Size Bebe Cool is at it again after officially releasing the video for his ‘Kabulengane’ song which recently hit the airwaves. In the song, Bebe Cool is not happy with women who tend to spice up their body with artificial objects to lure men. He brings out a different approach to the song by using traditional Kadongo Kamu tunes.

The colourful video is a combination of traditional dances and modern dance moves, a combination that Bebe also fused in the tune. It begins with a scene where a man who is frying chapattis stares at a passing woman’s ‘endowed behind’. In the process, his food gets burnt in the pan as he is carried away by what he has seen.

Bebe Cool 2

Big Size Bebe Cool releases his anticipated ‘Kabulengane’ video

The video director Henix Touch then diverts the focus to Bebe Cool in another scene and then introduces the dancers dressed in different vibrant colours of hugging tops and leggings erotically shaking what their mamas gave them.

In the following scene, we see the same provocative lady walking on the streets and more men can be seen staring at her among who include famous comedian MC Kapale whose eyes literally popped out as he got attracted to the woman’s behind while making a phone call.


some of the dance moves that were show cased in the video

The next scene shows Kapale again painting the picture vividly of good manners ruling over fake looks. He is attracted to a woman who on first look appears to be well endowed but on close scrutiny, she actually wears fake bums which the hubby discovers and gets disappointed. Her pleas to ask for forgiveness fall on deaf ears while a well behaved one who kneels for the husband gets praised.


Comedian MC Kapale gets his woman red handed trying to wear the artificial bums

The dancers then take us to a journey of lively dance face-off where the Kiganda cultural dancers take on their modern dance counterparts. The combination is a joy to behold.


All in all, the video was trying to portray how women these days confuse men with their artificial looks to enhance their natural ones. He was saying ‘Kabulengane’ to them which is a Luganda language phrase or expression to mean ‘useless’ or ‘worthless’ to describe something nonsensical.


“A mix of Ugandan and Jamaican club music brings about a question of cultural dancing verses Jamaican dancing. Cultural Ugandan dance appears more stronger because it allows us to smile while u enjoy the sounds of some individual local instruments.” Bebe Cool said while releasing the video on social media.

The video has a clear print with well choreographed dance moves and camera angles. The effects and movements rhyme well with the flow of the song although there is a feel of rush in it.

Watch Bebe Cool’s fresh ‘Kabulengane’  video below.

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