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Is Bebe Cool’s ‘Love You Every Day’ Video Still Worth Nomination?

Photos by Habre Muriisa

Yes Bebe Cool’s ‘Love you every day’ was a massive video and everyone expected it to win a couple of awards especially in various African categories it was nominated in although not many continental awards came through.

But today, the video has received perhaps its last nomination in the Unsigned Music Awards in the category of ‘Best International music video’. It was nominated alongside Burn The Ballroom’s ‘Crazy’, Madyx’s  ‘Some kisses’ and Lion in the Mane’s ‘Waiting’.

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Is Bebe Cool’s ‘Love You Every Day’ Video Still Worth Nomination?

The first ever ‘Unsigned Music Awards’ are happening in the UK but the question is why should a video that was produced two years ago get a nomination in an award category this year? Does this mean Bebe Cool has not had any good video for two years since ‘Love you every day? What criteria did they use to have it nominated? These are some of the questions.


Bebe Cool’s ‘Love You Every Day’ video to face tight competition in the first ever Unsigned Music Awards (UMA)

According to the Unsigned music awards website, they are looking for creativity and originality combined with quality of production, from an artiste outside of the UK and for that particular category, it is to be presented by the achievements of some of the most outstanding artists, who are yet to be discovered, or have chosen to remain proudly independent.

Not that the idea is bad but the fact that usually songs or music videos of a particular year of period get nominated has to be taken into consideration



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