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How Bebe Cool’s Modern Electronic Ticket System Works

There are only 11 days left to ‘The Life of Bebe Cool’ concert which has truly brought a lot of hype among Bebe Cool fans and the general public. On Friday the 5th of August, the ‘African Girl’ hit maker will hold the highly anticipated concert that will see him showcase to his fans the best of his music through his music career.

No concert comes without people buying tickets and when it comes to tickets, Bebe Cool is not going to do it the usual way of selling paper tickets which the revellers will have to show at the entrance. There is will be a new modern electronic ticket system which will be introduced for this particular show.

bebe cool

Rush for your Life of Bebe Cool concert tickets as they will be limited at the concert’s day

However, this new system which happens to be the first of its kind is expected to revolutionise the entertainment industry which will make things easier and more efficient, time saving and classy. This follows up on the system introduced at the time Bebe held his ‘Friend Of Bebe Cool concert 2 years back and already is selling like hot cakes with the system being managed by SMS ONE. But how does it work?


A look at how the modern ticket system looks like

How it works

The system uses a mobile application called Speedatickets which uses NFC (near field communication) technology that is one of the safest and more efficient Apps with the shortest connection between devices. That is why it is preferred in secure environments as a means of connection like banks, supermarkets and other financial institutions because it is hardly tapped into. The Bebe Cool Gagamel cards categorised as Gold and VVIP are designed with different prices.


A look at the Gagamel Gold card (ordinary)


A look at the Gagamel card (VVIP)

The card is placed approximately maximum of an inch next to a phone with the NFC reader installed in and it reads up to 424 kilo bytes per second. The app will then read and recognise the card’s serial number and then verify the cards which are already in the system to avoid forgery and losses caused by fraudsters intending to cheat Bebe Cool and the concert organisers. The cards will also make the life of revellers easy as it’s conveniently designed to avoid bulky tickets and it’s classy too.



This is the text a fan will receive after buying the ticket


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