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Bebe Cool’s Request To Kanye West Causes Social Media Uproar

Reggae, Dancehall and Afrobeat singer Bebe Cool will never cease to create controversy. In less than two months, he has been among the top most talked about people in Uganda and he continues to be going by the different controversial things he does or says each passing day.

American rapper Kanye West together with his wife Kim Kardashian and their children are currently in Uganda where they will spend a week as Kanye puts the last pieces together on his 9th album dubbed ‘Yandhi‘. Before he even spends two days, Bebe Cool has already begged to feature on the album.

On Saturday, Bebe took to his Facebook page where he humbly asked the self proclaimed ‘god’ for a chance to feature on the upcoming album whose release date is 23rd of November

Am so proud of my country and despite its small size and slow but steady development, it has alot to offer by nature like receptive people, wildlife, great sights and sounds. At the moment, am in your home country too for a business trip but the main reason for my post is to request you to feature me on your current recording of a new album” Read Part of Bebe’s long post he wrote for Kanye West

The ‘Love You Every Day’ singer made his request before welcoming Kanye and Family to Uganda, commending him for having chosen her amongst the many countries in Africa

However, what started out as a simple request to be featured on Kanye West’s new album turned into a bashing from Facebook users who commented with all sorts of insults like a one Kaira Cham who said that collaborating with Kanye won’t make Bebe Cool a star.

“Collaborating with Kanye West won’t make u are star, drop nice music he will look for not these nsilikamu songs for 3 days and they are out of circulation. But please don’t call yourself a legend again bcoz legends are not cowards like you have done. You have no difference with Lil pazo” Kaira Cham wrote

Bebe Cool’s request to Kanye West to feature him on Yandhi wouldn’t be a wrong or bad request but the Facebook users’ negative comments are ones that shocked us

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