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Bedridden Producer Rinex Tells Emotional Story About Growing Up In Poverty

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The bedridden producer Rinex tells an emotional story of how his mum used to spend cold nights travelling on lorries to Arua as she looked for his school fees.

Power Productions CEO Michael Unegiu aka Producer Rinex who currently is in India where he is receiving treatment from even though he is currently facing financial problems due to the high bills.

It has been reported that, Rinex has complications with his pancreas that forced him to be flown to India for special treatment. His family members last Friday launched his fundraising campaign to see his medical bills covered and get back soon.

While on his hospital bed, the producer has revealed more the world never knew. First, he turned to God and spends most of his time reading the Bible and posting Godly messages which was rare of him and now, he has broken a story on how he managed to be where he is. He says it is because of his mum he attributes his success. He particularly points out how she used to spend cold nights travelling on transit lorries.


His Facebook post reads

I call her Woman Of Steel She carried me for 9 months,
She breast fed me for 2years, She endured my stubbornness. While others see weaknesses in me, she sees greatness and strength in me. 
She worked day and night, endured the coldness, torture and all sorts of abuse and humiliation to see that I go to school and had something in my stomach 
She made sure I had atleast some small #pocketmoney, sugar and gweke whenever I went back to school. 
She did every kind of business from 
Selling fish
Selling Ggobe
Chepere etc plus 
Traveling on lorries in the night trying to make ends meet. 
Indeed my #Mum is a #WomaOfSteel 
You raised me up to a #God fearing man, respectful, disciplined and above all I borrowed a leaf from your big heart. 
Thank you #AnekJane for who and what I’m today. 
God bless you in abondancy and my He continue giving you long life as you enjoy the fruits of your sweat and hard work. 
I love you mom. 

Rinex with Jose Chameleone at his studio

Family worried and shocked as Rinex has turned to God and regrets the time he wasted with wrong people

As the producer spends most of his time bedridden and on medication, the producer has surrendered his worried life to the almighty. A close family member also says that they are shocked and worried how tremendously Rinex spends his time reading the bible on his phone and posting Godly messages. His recent Facebook post reads

I thank you lord for all the times I have gone astray. 
You guided me back to the right path and led me on the right way. 
There’re many temptations in this life and desires that could take hold. But I know you are my shepherd lord and I’ll never leave your fold. 
I believe I’m healed in your mighty name. Amen. I don’t regret my past, I regret the time I wasted with wrong people. 



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