Beenie Gunter And Eddy Kenzo Combine On A New Love Story

Sometime back last year in an interview Chano8 had with the Guntalk City boss Beenie Gunter , he told us that he was aiming at doing a collabo with BET viewers’ choice award winner Eddy Kenzo although he did not specify when they were to do it.

The next thing we heard early this year was a collabo tune between the two artistes called ‘Tompaana’ loosely translated as ‘Don’t Praise Me’. This is s Love Dancehall track produced by Prosper Sky and it is full of a message telling girls who play their boyfriends not to waste their time but instead be straight forward and make it clear from the start.

The video directed by Martin Beta has a simple set up where Eddy Kenzo acts as a waiter at a bar and in the middle of a conversation with fellow waiters, a beautiful girl marches in which takes away his attention as he stares at her admiringly. As she takes her seat, he finds a man with whom they connect immediately as Kenzo the waiter makes a move to ask her for her order and probably tell her what he feels about her.

The girl’s minds don’t seem to be connecting with Kenzo’s words as she constantly winks at the guy she just seen at the bar which forces Kenzo to look around and then walk away in protest. She does not do this to Kenzo alone but also Beenie Gunter who meets her in the hotel room.

The two have a good time in bed but the worse comes in when Gunter gets to read the love messages sent to her phone, although she tries to explain, he could not take any of it because of the anger that grows in his heart. She is simply not into them but wants to play them. In more scenes, a group of dancers are seen pulling some energy-filled strokes which also ends the action.


The message in the song and video is clear; don’t play with my feelings if you are not into me. It goes especially to women who are after material things and the story line is interesting mostly because of the bar setting and Kenzo’s acting is not too bad though we expect better facial expressions from the vixen.

Some of the behind the scenes pictures of ‘Tompaana’ video shoot

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Watch the video below


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