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Beenie Gunter And Ray Signature Sing Love In New Collabo Song

Ragga met RnB following the release of a fresh track done by fast rising Ragga and Dancehall singer Beenie Gunter and RnB singer Ray Signature also known as ‘Kasenya Nku’ dubbed ‘Sukaali’ literally meaning Sugar.

It’s a love song produced by Dream Studio’s Sir Dan Magic. It has a simple story line where Beenie Gunter sang about a girl equating her beauty and sweetness to sugar. The tune’s chorus also sang by Beenie goes like ‘Girl so fine, my baby so nice, nga sukaali, girl a tasting so nice’ and it clearly explains the love they sang about.


Ray Signature and Beenie Gunter

Ray comes in the 3rd verse where he sings saying that ‘The girl shouldn’t mind men who only need to use her because of the too much love they have for each other, he also adds that him and the girl are in love but the men in their own businesses.


Ray Signature

Chano8 contacted the two artistes for comments and this is what they had to say. “Basically Beenie Gunter wanted to change, first of all when you are listening to the song, it’s not the Beenie that fans knew, I sang the chorus but fans might think it’s Ray who sang it. So I wanted to show my fans that I can also do the soft vocals and RnB”. Beenie Gunter.


Beenie Gunter

“Beenie Gunter is a talented boy, we went up country for work and on our way back we were like let’s do something. I respect young talent, so we went to studio and did free style then came up with the song which is a fusion of Afrobeat and RnB. Very soon we are doing the video”. Ray Signature.

You can listen to SUKAALI below;

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