Beenie Gunter Finally Drops His Long Awaited ‘No Fear’ Album

Photo by Habre Muriisa/Chano8

In the year 2013, a Dancehall singer called  Beenie Gunter came, he took over and he is here to stay if he keeps the healthy pace he is releasing hits at.

For the past two months, he has been busy creating hype ahead of the release of his long awaited new 25 track album ‘No Fear’ and like promised, Monday the 26th of August was the day he was expected to finally drop it

He definitely did at a silent listeners’ party that took place at his record label, Talent Africa offices in Kisementi, Kampala

It was an evening of calm and every reveller who made their way there was given a pair of headphones. The party kicked off at 7 PM sharp with live Dj mixes of Beenie’s songs off the album as a warm up. Gunter made arrived at 9 PM and at 15 minutes past 9, he was called by the host to officially unveil the album and take the revellers through it

He revealed how happy he was to have finally released the album which took him close to four years of attention and patience.

He also disclosed that the reason why he named it ‘No Fear’ was because of the fact that when he was starting, many people discouraged him saying that “he was not going to make it” because he singing a lot in Jamaican Patois (pronounced as Patwah). He didn’t fear but instead continued doing his music and like they say, the rest is history. Beenie Gunter made it with ‘No Fear’

Going by his words, every song on the album was done freestyle and written by none but him and that is how he has always done his music.

Amongst  the 25 tunes, Gunter took  the revellers through only 11 namely ‘No Fear’, ‘Yes’, ‘Bomb Blast’, ‘Unaniumiza’, ‘No Letting Go’ featuring Lydia Jazmine, ‘Byaliwo’, ‘Sekkle Dung’, ‘By Now’, ‘Be Nice’, ‘Saba’ featuring rapper Bigtril and ‘Love Me Now’. He also told the attendees what inspired each song

In attendance were fellow artistes like Skales from Nigeria, rappers Navio, Bigtril and The Mith, Lydia Jazmine, A Pass among other stakeholders in the music industry

Beenie Gunter 6th left posing for photos with some of artistes and stakeholders who were in attendance

Beenie Gunter officially dropping the album

Nigerian singer Skales singing along his collabo ‘Bomb Blast’ with Beenie Gunter

Beenie Gunter and Skales dancing to the beats at their collabo played

Aly Allibhai the CEO Talent Africa which is Beenie Gunter’s record label speaking at the No Fear album release


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