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Behind The Music: We Have A Look At Producer D King

We got the opportunity of meeting with music producer D King, who has become a household name because of his major hits in Uganda. He just recently got nominated for the Hipipo Music Awards in the category of Audio Producer of the year.

Producer D King with Exodus (in red) and friends

Producer D King with Exodus (in red) and friends

When we met with him, he said the nomination should not define anyone as a great producer. He says there are many other great producers who have not been nominated. That aside, this is how our interview with him went down.

Where did your inspiration come from?

Just the love of music. That’s all.

Oh. Okay. So, you started out as an instrumentalist, right! (Henodes), which instruments do you play?

Mostly keys and the bass guitar.

Apart from producing, you do other things, right. What are those things?

I do the directing of production of music events and I am a farmer.

Which big music events have you worked on as the director?

I did the Igwe concert of Exodus at Kampala Serena Hotel, Namalayo Concert by Mun G and together with Michael Ouma we directed Juliana’s Serena concert.
And others too… Can’t mention all really

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