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Behind The Music: Meet Swangz Avenue’s Producer Big Nash

In the music industry, we have producers and then beat makers. The difference is, beat makers copy and paste while producers come up with original compositions and today we look at Swangz Avenue’s Big Nash.

He started out his career in music production from Kenya and when he returned, he joined up with Swangz Avenue, arguably the best record label in Uganda.

Nash talks about his career

Nash talks about his career

Big Nash real names Tusubira Nathan has been behind some of the best selling songs in Uganda some of which include Love letter by Bebe Cool and Irene Ntale, Kankunganye by Goodlyf and Mun G, Kuuma obudde by Lillian, Embera by Winnie Nwagi and Ngalo by Navio among others.

Like any other good producer, Big Nash can play the drums and keyboard and considers Pharrell Williams and Timberland as his inspiration in music.

He also considers Moze Radio to be the best artiste in Uganda simply because he’s a born musician and the way he plays around with his voice notes and music composure is way above the rest, although he says Uganda has a lot of Talent.

“Go to radios, TV stations, bars and ask Deejays and artistes who the best producer in Uganda is and they will tell you that the songs driving the nation now are produced by “BIG NASH”, he said.

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