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Behind The Music: Nessim, The Young Producer Who Is Dropping Beats Like Crazy

Nessim is a 21 year old young man of average height, always looking to the ground with his bob dread locks, seems reserved when you meet him with very few words. A humble, gentle man with a down to earth manner and could easily be mistaken for a teenager from his appearance.

He is a huge influence and the dynamic power producer with 2 awards so far for his remarkable songs and beats. Chano8 caught with him to get his perspective as the man behind most of the hit songs in the country right now. Songs such as ‘Tuli kugere’ and ‘wuuyo’ by A pass, ’ntunga ntunga’ by Radio and weasel plus many more. He lights up at the mention of music and speaks about it as if it was a continuation of who he is.

When Chano8 asked him about how he discovered his love for music, he said

‘I always loved music, started from being home listening to the radio and the barbershops and so on. I later wanted to be an artist. I figured I could try singing. It helped that one of my elder brothers was a producer with a small studio. So I spent a lot of time there watching the producers work without any practice.’

The game changer, Nessim

The game changer, Nessim

‘I would wait until everyone left the studio then I would try out what I have seen other be taught on the computer. With time I got to learn a lot by watching. So I made myself some beats, even then I did not do it to be a producer but rather a musician.’

Nessim continued ‘I did my songs with a lot of different twists I had in mind, but I had nowhere to voice my songs from. I later joined a group to start singing and we even got a manager. We were called ‘Ocean entertainment’. Some day our manager got us time at Fire Base Studio to record a song, as we were there I also started backing up songs which means harmonizing voices, background vocals and balancing the tunes and so on. The other artists picked up on how good I was at backing an they requested me to help with their tracks.’

You can read more of his amazing journey in the latest Chano8 Magazine issue here.

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