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Benezeri Releases His Togwamu Suubi Video Featuring Sandra Suubi

Young hip-hop star Benezeri has finally released his Togwamu Suubi video which features Airtel Trace star winner Sandra Suubi.

According to Benezeri, the video tells the story of a young man with woes in the ghetto who is saved by the bell when he is almost giving up. He also talked about how he changed his style for the song and why Sandra was the right choice,

‘I rap but we tried our best not to make it too fast and then we removed the drums out of it so that all people can understand it. This is probably one of my most meaningful songs. I had the inspiration to do a song that could encourage people. So I got in touch with Sandra because I had always wanted to do a song with her.’

Sandra Suubi also talked about her inspiration for the song,

‘From the beginning I like the message because it relates to Uganda. This is Ugandan music, we don’t only need to support it, but we need to give examples from our country and I think that’s very powerful. I also think it’s a very experimental song, it can’t really fall anywhere, it demands its own space and I think that’s what music needs to do and that’s what we as artistes need to do. That makes it very powerful because it’s done excellently, it’s done with a lot of heart. It really brought out a lot out of me because it involved singing and knowing someone in that situation.’

The song has received rave reviews since it was released in early September. It has been praised for the depth in Benezeri’s lyrics as well as Sandra Suubi’s wide vocal range as well as Sam Bisaso’s use of African instruments in the production.

The video also features an appearance from the children’s dance troop, PCCP Dance Academy.

Have a look at the video below.

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