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Benon Mugumbya On His Inspiration For Music

Recently we caught up with Swangz Avenue producer Benon Mugumbya and he told us about his inspiration for music.

In an exclusive interview with Chano8, the singer/producer said it’s everyday life that usually inspires him.

‘Am inspired by life generally. The good times and the bad times, the ups and downs it all comes round to push and encourage us to move on, write and produce music. Am moved by life basically’ he said.

Benon Mugumbya at work

Benon Mugumbya at work

Benon also talked about Swangz Avenue growth over the years,

We have most definitely had a lot of progress in many aspects such as location. We have signed a lot of artists even been able to fund them. We also have a number of recording rooms. Am just really grateful that we have managed to fulfill the goals we set out to do. We envisioned running Swangz as a record label and now we are on the right track. Am so proud of it,’ he said.

Benon is the producers behind monster hits from artistes like Irene Ntale, Juliana, Desire, Radio and Weasel, Navio, Bebe Cool, Maro, Vampino and many more. Before then you must remember him from the his duo as ‘Benon and Vamposs’.

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