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Best Of Bebe Cool Concert At Satelite Beach Mukono Was Sold-out Too

Bebe in Mukono

Bebe doing his thing in Mukono

Saturday evening witnessed yet another big success for Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool who had another well attended concert in Mukono. This follows after Friday’s top notch show at the Kampala Serena Hotel where there was a full house and high quality performance from Bebe Cool’s Team.

Although Saturday’s concert was just a few hours after the energy-supping performance from Serena, the Gagamel team and Bebe still managed to put up a very good show with energetic performances.

It all started with performances from local Mukono artists curtain raising for the main event punctuated by jokes from the evening’s MCs. The highlight being a crippled gospel singer who wowed the crowd with his deep and assured voice and the confidence with which he passed across his message.

Although some of the curtain raisers looked very confused and could not sing but mumble, The crowd waited patiently and was finally woken up from the slumber by Sweet kids energetic performance and the ease with which he connected with them. It is obvious he is a favourite of Mukono people as he was received with wild cheers and was urged on by the crowd throughout his performance.

By the time the Gagmel Band took to stage at around midnight for the live performances, the crowd was already warmed up and when Kapalaga kicked off the live session, most of the packed up crowd were on their feet singing and dancing along. The live show session was mostly dedicated for the Gagamel Band members and affiliated artists who put up good performances especially the smooth flowing Angel, Jackie and Main Backup vocalist Ronny Mutabazi.

When Denzel took to stage with his hoarse deep voice bellowing dance hall and Ragga tunes, the crowd went wild. He kept running into the crowd and to get up-close. He was later lifted shoulder high by fans who danced with him on stage. When Rude Boy Devo crowned it all with Reggae renditions, everyone was now ready for the big man himself.

Bebe in MUkono4

Sweet Kid moved the crowd

As soon as Rude Boy mentioned the Name Bebe Cool, the whole house was on thier feet. And when Bebe emerged on stage with his Black robotic attire and electronic shades, the crowd went wild screaming and cheering. He started straight away with ‘Big size’ and continued nonstop with most of his hit songs like’ Fitina’, ‘Boombark Bogolako’, ‘Nkwangala’ ‘Nyoni Nkezze’, ‘Fireburn’, ‘Bafudde’ and Nkola Byafayo.

Despite the poor sound setting that kept his voice low and interruption from the fans who kept jumping on stage, Bebe kept his discipline and continued performing till the highlight moment of the night when he started teaching the crowd the lyrics to his new blockbuster hit song ‘Love you Everyday’. They sang along as he repeated the chorus gain and again.

By the time it almost clocked 2:0AM, the crowd was now singing along. He ended the show by thanking his sponsors Club Beer, Pepsi, SMS ONE,Chano8,Kibo Media and Fenon Records. He also thanked the Mukono people for turning up in big numbers and urged them to continue supporting local talent.

Bebe in Mukono2Bebe in MUkono3

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