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“Am Better Than Chronixx” Ugandan Mightyson Claims

Photos by Habre Muriisa

On Friday the 17th of June, Jamaican born Reggae singer Chronixx performed for his first time in Uganda at the Talent Africa Music – sponsored Kampala Love Live Music concert edition 1 that successfully took place at Ndere Cultural centre and it excited the Reggae lovers who gathered there.However, while concluding his performance at the recently concluded Bayimba International Festival of the arts over the weekend, Reggae and Dancehall singer Mightyson  Mighty Son popularly known for songs like ‘Step Pon Di Floor’ told the revellers how he is better than Chronixx.


Jamaican Reggae star Chronixx performing in Uganda in June

The confident Mightyson who has been lost from the music scene after his song ‘Step Pon Di Floor’ became a big hit is making some sort of come-back as he claims his level of music is at international level.


“Am better than Chronixx”- Mighty Son told revellers as he performed at the recently concluded Bayimba International festival of the arts


It whoever created a short controversy amongst the attendees in the crowd as some agreed with him while others did not. As the debate continues, we also shall however leave it for the fans to judge but all in all Mighty Son did put up a good live performance that the revellers enjoyed.

Mighty Son and Chronixx have two things in common, one of them being that, they sing Reggae music, the other being that they all embrace Rastafari although they don’t belong to the same Rastafarian sects. Mightyson belongs to Bobo Ashanti and we are not sure where Chronixx belongs in the other two sects namely Nyabinghi sect  and Twelve_Tribes_of_Israel.


Mightyson doing the Rasta sign as he performed on stage at the Bayimba International recently



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