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Beyonce Effortlessly Slays The Show At Super Bowl 50

Queen Bey at the pinnacle of her talent and flawlessness smoothly beset Coldplay’s widescreen anthems at the Super Bowl amidst millions of people with her new single ‘Formation’ which was released the night before Super Bowl.

The diva took the stage with a lot of natural power like any queen would demand, she looked flawless and unstoppable. And even though she wasn’t set to be the main act of the evening, she assumed that position like a pro leaving no trace of doubt.


The super diva was dressed like Micheal Jackson while delivering her song for the black people at the super Bowl


Queen Bey entered the stadium in a remarkable style with her girls dressed in blank panthers for a breathtaking performance

Cold play was the opening act and their performance wasn’t what you would call breath taking, social media called the group’s performance “a snooze fest. Chris Martin jumped around and sung an old song which the crowd sang along because they knew the lyrics and love the group.


Both Beyonce and Bruno Mars put up and incredible performance and brought the show to life

The real performance came in with Bruno Mars’ neatly crafted performance which hyped the crowd as he ushered in the real power of the evening, Queen Bey!


Beyonce and her dancers in the halftime Super-Bowl show


The choreography was impeccably neat


Beyonce dressed in a way similar to Michael Jackson, came out with a slew of dancers in Black Panther gear and did the magic. The black girls were looking exceptionally hot with over flowing attitude, the dance moves were trim, energetic, nifty and powerful. The queen easily sat at her throne on Sunday night with that remarkable surprise and bold performance.


She was composed, poised and captivating

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